We Make Technology Easy.

Founded in 1982, CW Technology has been delivering enterprise-quality IT management services to business all over Minnesota.

With over 35 years experience in designing and managing technology, communications, and security solutions, we believe in a trust-based relationship with you to ensure an effortless operation of your technology systems.

No matter what size, shape, or industry your company is, CW Technology helps you stay up to date with the latest IT solutions. And as you measure success in terms of results, we measure our success in meeting your needs. 

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What Makes CW Technology

Core Values.

Care. Passion. Initiative.


Unwavering commitment to create success.

Client Value

Prioritizing a heightened client experience.

Strong Team

Right people in the right seats.



Simplifying the complex.


Customized business IT solutions.

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Any company can promise technical solutions...

But do they help walk you through how it is done, answer all your questions, provide both on and off site support, and simply...better your business?

At CW Technology, we stand out with a simple, customer-centric approach that never overlooks your company, but rather focuses on empowering its growth: we want your business to succeed!

Our proven process successfully delivers customized MSP and IT support solutions that fulfill your business needs and consistently generate positive results.

We're Here When You're Ready.