Cloud Hosting

From email to streaming, cloud hosting are services we use everyday and have become a well-established part of our world - no matter the size, shape, or industry an organization belongs to.

With CW cloud hosting, we migrate your business applications, files, and other technology data to the Cloud, so your information becomes stored on high-security and easily accessible servers.

CW Cloud Hosting

Why Cloud Hosting from CW Technology?


Your technology grows as your business grows.


Built around your specific business IT needs for protection and productivity.


Affordable, cost-effective technology that pays for itself.


Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Servers

  • Cloud Backup

  • Cloud Security

CW Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers.

Is managing your business servers becoming greater trouble than it's really worth...?

Transferring to cloud servers means saving on time and money costs, gaining more out of your resources, increasing communication, and inspiring greater collaboration across your workforce.

Say goodbye to dealing with server issues, and say hello to focusing on what really matters: your business.

  • Less Downtime: identifying and fixing issues before they cause problems.
  • Scalable: Instantly upgrade software, add applications, and acquire more space.
  • Predictability: affordable, cost-effective technology that pays for itself.
CW Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Don't take a chance when it comes to the privacy, security, and replication of the valuable data of your business...

CW cloud backup services make the backup and exchange of your business data simple, painless, and with extensive attention and care placed on its security.

  • Secure Backups: private and flexible replication of all your valuable business data.
  • Advanced Encryption: established bulletproof security of all your valuable business data.
  • Proactive Monitoring: 24/7 care of your valuable business data in a world class data center.
CW Cloud Security

Cloud Security

If your laptop or mobile device were lost, stolen, or destroyed, what would happen to all that data?

Best not to think about it... Our comprehensive security plan delivers greater flexibility, mobility, and cost-savings, while allowing you to integrate and sync all your technology safely together.

With CW Technology, your most critical asset  - your data - is protected at all times.

  • Safeguard from Data Theft: your data is secured in a central location, not on individual workstations or laptops.
  • Secure Offsite Data Protection: securing your files in the cloud means none of your data will ever be lost.
  • Proactive Online Data Backup: ensure all your files and data are always accessible, even in the event of a disaster.

How Technology & Your Business Go Hand in Hand


Business Process & Strategy


We provide you with a business professional, specializing in strategic planning and business decision making.


This includes budgeting, outlining your future technology plans, and developing critical items, such as disaster recovery planning.


Proactive Alignment Process


We actively address how your internal IT infrastructure stacks up against over 350+ network standards.


This includes assuring high-level network functionality, decreasing down-end user issues, and 24/7 monitoring of your network.


Technical & Process Management


Our solutions are developed to improve your business productivity, with multiple levels of protection.


We work with you to deliver services that are distinctly designed to fit your business needs, such as enhanced efficiency and communication.

Ready for Cloud Hosting from CW Technology?