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Bill Kimbler

With 25 years of experience in the industry and over 13 years at CW Technology, Bill Kimbler has impacted quite a few thousand businesses over the years. As a partner and Business Development Lead at CW Technology, Bill’s role is centered on discussing the dynamics of IT support and the managed services model.

CW Technology - Cost Savings with an MSP

Cost Savings with a Managed Services Provider

From workstations and laptops, to servers and cloud services, there’s no denying that companies of all sizes depend on their IT infrastructure. With increasing cyber threats, managing IT infrastructure and ensuring a level of network security is proving to be a great challenge – one that most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) aren’t too prepared to handle…

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CW Technology - Mutli-Factor Authentication

Compound Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Be it at home, at work, or in your personal, social environment, increased security while using online services is a practice that simply cannot be ignored these days. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) - also known as two-factor authentication - is a solution for Internet safety and must be implemented by all businesses and individuals.

What is MFA?

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