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Katherina Yavela

With an extensive marketing background and well-rounded set of experiences, Katherina has introduced a newfound perspective on marketing the IT and MSP industry. A recent college graduate (class of 2020) and new to the industry, her role at CW Technology is building the brand across numerous marketing platforms, making the industry both relevant and reachable to all.

Meet Nicole Michaelson

Having graduated with a degree in Accounting from University of Minnesota – Duluth, Nicole began her career search. Her college job working for Spring introduced her to the field of customer service – one she grew to love and knew was the right fit for her. At the time, CW Technology was offering a part-time position assisting the administration team. Jumping onto this opportunity, little did Nicole know that this was the start of her professional career. Within just a year, CW Technology recognized Nicole’s skillset, knowledge, and passion to help others, and knew she had a permanent place at the company. Thirteen years later, she continues to grow professionally and personally at CW Technology.

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Mitch Odell - CW Technology

Meet Mitch Odell

With today’s online applications and services – such as Indeed and Glassdoor – taking over professional recruitment, it has become exceptionally rare for an individual to simply walk into a business front, inquiring about available job opportunities. Even 14 years ago, CW Technology labeled this as a unique experience, but that didn’t stop a certain 22-year old individual at the time… Wearing a “cheap, oversized suit,” Mitch Odell walked through the front door of CW’s Duluth office, carrying his brand-new padfolio filled with resumes printed on "fancy" parchment paper, ready to start his IT career.

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CW Technology - Sharon Skeen

Meet Sharon Skeen

When Sharon Skeen joined CW Technology in 2007, things were a little bit different than they are now… Like many of us in this industry, IT wasn’t where her story at the company started. Having completed a degree in nursing, Sharon discovered that, while helping people was her passion, nursing wasn’t the direction she wanted to continue in. “I had worked in various office settings prior to coming to CW and was always the person that people seemed to turn to for computer help. I realized then that I could focus on the IT side of things and still make a difference,” remembers Sharon. With her new goal in mind, Sharon began focusing on finding a job that would allow her to gain experience in IT.

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CW Technology - Andrea Tobias

Meet Andrea Tobias

With one semester left before obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Andrea was approached about an Administrative Internship opening at CW Technology. Without previously knowing what a managed service provider was, she joined the team and quickly found her home in this challenging and fast-paced environment. It was from there that Andrea took off running.

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