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This Employee Spotlight features Kristine - one of CW's Client Solutions Specialists. Learn about Kristine and hear her story!

As far back as she can remember, Kristine has always enjoyed technology. Although she didn’t pursue any college degrees in this field, Kristine has found herself in the center of technology services. “I have three college degrees: a paralegal degree, an accounting degree, and finally, a medical insurance billing/coding degree,” says Kristine. When it comes to technology, everything she knows is either self-taught or learned from watching others. Pair that with her passion to work in customer service, as Kristine has always enjoying helping others, and you have the right fit!

IT Really Was Meant to Be

Before CW Technology’s acquisition of Computer Enterprises, Kristine worked there for six years – with a very fortunate beginning. “My first initial interview with Computer Enterprises, I was a no call no show, due to a family emergency. I took the chance and called the next day from the hospital to reschedule. On my second attempt for the interview, I was lost due to an error with Google Maps… But, fortunately, Computer Enterprises gave me a third chance. I have now been with CW Technology for 11 months and feel like this change was one of the best opportunities for me,” expresses Kristine.

Coming in with six years of experience in the IT/MSP role, Kristine felt very comfortable joining the CW team. “With any new company, there are always differences and challenges, but at CW, my ideas/thoughts are never unheard: I always feel as though I am part of the solution,” Kristine says. Although she first started a role in handling the billing and ordering, today, Kristine is a Client Solutions Specialist. “The team that I am part of has shown me the true meaning of ‘there is no I in team.’ Everyone on my team, and throughout CW, is always willing to help and if/when they can’t, they will guide you into getting the answer. CW definitely provides the tools to succeed,” Kristine expresses.

“Krissy joined CW with the acquisition of Computer Enterprises in Grand Rapids. Since she was used to wearing a lot of different hats in her former roles, it was no surprise that she brought a lot of different talents to her new role. What was a great surprise was her fantastic attitude! What I immediately noticed about Krissy was her optimism and her ability to see the possibilities and benefits of potential changes. She cares deeply about taking care of clients and building and retaining client relationships. She is very forward thinking in understanding that change, while sometimes difficult, is what allows you to set your clients and your team up for future success.  Plus, she’s fun to work with!” exclaims Cindi Little, COO of CW Technology.

Tell Us More!

Outside of CW Technology, Kristine has been married to her wonderful husband for 11 years and is a mother of 2 amazing children: a son – 18, and a daughter – 17. A love for travel, Kristine’s favorite place she’s ever visited is Jamaica. “My husband and I were supposed to have renewed our vows in Hawaii, but COVID prevented us from doing this, so for our 15-year anniversary we are going to attempt it again.”

A fun fact about Kristine is that she wrote a short story while in college, which ended up getting published and winning an award! “I rewrote Little Red Riding Hood, but from the Wolfs point of view… If you ever want to read it, I would love to share!” she says. And I speak for all of us when I say…yes, Kristine, we do!

But back to CW Technology, Kristine shares a bit more. The number one aspect that she enjoys the most about her new role is the amount of pride and faith CW has with its employees. “I love my co-workers, and everyone is so open and honest. CW truly has the ‘family’ atmosphere. I am passionate in providing quality products and services and I making things ‘right’ for each and every client,” Kristine explains. And the impact she’s made at the company already goes to show!

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