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What is IT Alignment?

This CW Blog article discusses what IT Alignment is and why it’s important for your environment.

Are you unsure about whether your IT environment is properly? Do you worry about your IT infrastructure when you see the latest vulnerability outbreak on the news? It is difficult to understand how protected you really are if you don’t have a set of standards to look to as a guide. IT Alignment is exactly what you need to have confidence in your IT environment.

What is IT Alignment?

IT Alignment is a process that holds your environment to a set of benchmarks and standards that will most benefit different areas of your business. Whether it’s making sure you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in the case of an emergency or having a backup of your firewall, the IT Alignment is there to help be proactive and ensure all aspects of your IT infrastructure are being questioned, reviewed, and updated.

Why is IT Alignment important for your environment?

When your IT environment is compared to a set of benchmarks and standards it is proactively monitored. Not having this process in place will lead to bigger issues. Here’s how aligning your environment can help benefit you:

  • Fewer technical issues: when comparing your environment to a set of benchmarks and standards it allows you to proactively catch and remediate different areas of your IT environment before it can turn into larger or more noticeable issues.
  • Streamlined support: when aligning your environment, it keeps support documentation updated. With accurate documentation comes quicker ticket response times and resolution.
  • Clearer Strategy: when looking at the results of the IT alignment, it allows the business strategy team to suggest solutions, behaviors, and products in order to align the client in the right direction that best meets that client’s needs.
  • A good feeling: whether it is “necessary” or not, it keeps all critical infrastructure looked after.

IT Alignment is just one of the many services an MSP, like CW Technology, provides to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. If you'd like to learn more about managed services, or simply need help in determining the optimal solutions for you, CW Technology is here to help!

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