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This Employee Spotlight article features Andrea - one of CW's Service Desk Team Leads. Learn about Andrea and hear her story!

With one semester left before obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Andrea was approached about an Administrative Internship opening at CW Technology. Without previously knowing what a managed service provider was, she joined the team and quickly found her home in this challenging and fast-paced environment. It was from there that Andrea took off running.

Within 3 months of employment, Andrea accepted a permanent role as a Service Coordinator. A not fully developed role at the time, this allowed Andrea to apply many of her strengths to help build and define what was needed from this position; these included her strong attention to detail, her initiative to take action, and her insight on the importance of healthy relationships with her peers. Over the next 2 and a half years, Andrea demonstrated her passion for creating success - both for the client and her teammates alike - and developed a broader understanding of larger business issues and concepts.

As Andrea continued growing her knowledge of the MSP world, she realized her next step was to deepen her technical knowledge. From there, she proceeded to take on the role of a Proactive Support Analyst (PSA); yet again, this was another new role at CW, which Andrea and her supervisor, Jeremy Caine – CW’s Chief Technology Officer, were responsible for creating and implementing. This position was the initial role within CW’s Proactive Support Team, making the PSA to be the first technical person involved with CW Technology’s new clients during the onboarding process. Andrea helped shape and structure this position’s primary responsibilities, such as setting up the rest of the team for success when supporting a new client.

Creating Success

Today, Andrea is one of CW Technology’s three Service Desk Team Leads – a title she has held for the past 2 and a half years. In this role, Andrea guides and manages her team of 9 technicians and engineers in providing high quality customer service and technical support. “While passionate about people, process and accountability, Andrea’s unique leadership skill is her ability to listen and propose solutions to problems that create long-term success for our clients, her team, and the company,” remarks Andrea’s supervisor Cindi Little - CW’s Chief Operations Officer.

What’s more is Andrea is CW Technology’s sole Lead in the Twin Cities office location. “Although I started in our main location in Duluth, it was a personal goal of mine to be living in the Twin Cities by the time my oldest son started Kindergarten. CW was more than supportive with this and teamed up with me to make it happen,” expresses Andrea. With a rapidly growing presence in the Twin Cities area, she adds, “I’m very passionate about our clientele here and meeting the expectations that come with being in the metro.”

Support from the Inside Out

One of CW Technology’s characteristics that Andrea appreciates most is having an employer that supports and encourages both her professional and personal goals. “I am on my 4th pregnancy over the last 7 years; I have two children of my own and have been a surrogate twice for the same family. I am very fortunate to have found a place like CW where not only is my growth supported professionally as a woman in a male-dominated industry, but also supported personally as a parent and woman in our community,” says Andrea.

Andrea thrives in the environment CW Technology has created by hiring the right people and ensuring they’re in the right seat based on standards they have defined internally. “Working with Andrea for the last nearly 9 years has been amazing. She’s someone that is a pleasure to work with not only because she brings such a positive attitude, but because you can have complete confidence that any matter she is involved in will be resolved quickly and with skill,” says Sharon Skeen - CW’s Senior Infrastructure Administrator. Andrea believes CW Technology’s internal support - both from her supervisors and colleagues alike - is the reason the company’s client relationships are so successful: “The key is being surrounded by individuals with the same values. We truly care about each other and our clients.”

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