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This Employee Spotlight article features Chris - one of CW Technology's Team Leads. Learn about Chris and hear his story!

With a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota-Duluth underway, alongside a year-long workstation replacement project for Cirrus Aircraft, Chris was ready to dive into his first career-focused role. Little did he know that a job search on Indeed would bring him to CW Technology – a path towards countless learning opportunities.

Never Saying No to a Challenge

Originally applying for the Helpdesk (RRAR), Chris found his skillset lining up best with a MAC Repair Technician. Alongside this, CW Technology set an expectation to slowly transition Chris to Field Technician, where he would initially perform workstation replacements, install firewalls, switches, wireless systems, and more. With the enormous support of his seasoned co-workers, Chris found himself moving in the right direction, eventually beginning the next opportunity of his IT journey: Projects.

“I have a favorite Chris Moe quote that I find myself repeating frequently: ‘Nothing to it but to do it!’ This quote exemplifies Chris’s positive nature and ‘get it done’ attitude.  Despite whatever challenges the day throws at him, Chris just dives in and sticks with it until he has a solution for a client or for his team. Every time I face a challenge or task that I’m not excited about, I smile, think of Chris and say, “Nothing to it but to do it!” exclaims Cindi Little, COO.

Eager to take on new challenges, Chris dove right into this new opportunity. He started with Office 365 Migrations, large-scale PC replacements, and assisted other Project Engineers when needed. Furthermore, Chris pushed for the opportunity to replace servers, going on to complete roughly 25 server migrations. “During his 6+ years at CW Technology, Chris’ ever-widening technical capacity, endless curiosity, and driving initiative has allowed him to successfully navigate through a number of positions at CW Technology: in-house technician, field technician, project engineer, and most recently, technical team lead for our service desk.  In each role, Chris brings his valuable work ethic and passion to do right by the customer and CW; these attributes not only help create professional success for himself, but additionally his teams and CW Technology,” expresses Mitch Odell, manager of Client Support.

Growth in Every Direction

Today, Chris is embracing his latest opportunity by challenging himself to learn and grow professionally as a Technical Team Lead. Chris believes his success is attributed to not only his own care, initiative, and passion, but to the employee-engaged focus of CW’s leadership and the amazing culture surrounding it all. In Chris’ words, “CW has provided me with opportunities to thrive technically and the culture surrounding that has made every year a joy to be a part of the company. CW is truly passionate about not only its own success as a company but the success of all clients and employees on an individual level.”

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