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This Employee Spotlight article features Emily - CW Technology's Manager of Talent Acquisition. Learn about Emily and hear her story!

A native Duluthian and a former Texan – which explains the confusion when she says “y’all” in her Minnesota accent, Emily joined CW Technology as its Manager of Talent Acquisition in July 2021. She attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where she focused her studies on healthcare management. After graduating and working at a local hospital, she realized that she loved the people aspect of the job the most and decided to shift her career focus towards Human Resources. Shortly after, Emily landed an opportunity in HR with Whole Foods, leading to her and her husband relocating to Texas.

Leading the Way

In this role, she grew her skills as a generalist covering many locations in the Houston metro. Playing a big role in team member onboarding, Emily facilitated learning and development programs for leaders at all levels of the organization. After 6 years, they decided Lake Superior was a better view than oil refineries, so Emily and her family moved back to Duluth. In search of a culture driven company where she would not only gain new industry and business knowledge, but also bring value, Emily began the interview process at CW. Within moments, she knew this was going to be a great fit for her! “As one of the newest members of CW Technology, Emily resonates our values of care, initiative and passion. Emily has made a point to reach out and meet the team, get to know what role each individual plays, and continues to engage through face to face communication. Emily has hit the ground running and has accepted the challenges most are seeing in talent recruitment. Her focus and commitment are apparent and certainly bring a new level energy to the role while using her experience to enhance current processes, ensuring they are effective and efficient. Emily creates a welcoming environment not only for our current employees but for incoming new hires and candidates. I have no doubt that Emily will not only meet but exceed expectations. We appreciate having her on the CW team and taking this exciting journey with us,” passionately says Sandy Bergerson, CFO of CW Technology.

A Culture Champion

In the role of Talent Acquisition, Emily is responsible for many facets of an employee’s life cycle at CW Technology – from recruiting and onboarding to career development, and everything in between! Thanks to her previous years at Whole Foods, Emily gained skills that she is confident will help her shape a unique retention program to keep our employees happy and engaged at CW Technology. What Emily loves the most about Talent Acquisition is the people – not only getting to know new candidates to see if they’ll be a culture addition to CW Technology, but also getting to know current team members and their long-term careers goals. Emily became a culture champion for CW Technology almost immediately and plans to help grow our culture by bringing in the right talent in the right seats, making the right fit. Emily becomes giddy at the idea of helping others achieve new levels in their career!

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