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This Employee Spotlight article features Mitch - CW's Manager of Client Support. Learn about Mitch and hear his story!

With today’s online applications and services – such as Indeed and Glassdoor – taking over professional recruitment, it has become exceptionally rare for an individual to simply walk into a business front, inquiring about available job opportunities. Even 14 years ago, CW Technology labeled this as a unique experience, but that didn’t stop a certain 22-year old individual at the time… Wearing a “cheap, oversized suit,” Mitch walked through the front door of CW’s Duluth office, carrying his brand-new padfolio filled with resumes printed on "fancy" parchment paper, ready to start his IT career.


A recent graduate of UMD with a Management Information System major, Mitch was working at Office Max, specializing in technology sales, part-time. While he was offered a full-time supervisor position at Office Max post-graduation, Mitch wanted to pursue a more technical position in the technology industry. And he already had his eyes set on one, local business: CW Technology. In fact, his relationship with CW began way before his career there, as he continuously referred many of his customers to CW, on account of Office Max’s lack of a technical support department. Knowing he needed a full-time position to achieve his goals, Mitch initially rejected CW Technology's offer to work for their growing Managed Services department part-time. Eventually, his patience and persistence paid off… Within a short period of time, Mitch Odell began his career at CW Technology.


Finding the IT in Mitch


Within just a few years, Mitch became quite the multi-faceted person in the world of technology, and as CW professional. Applying his passion in helping others, he grew his technical and customer service skills, and developed and expanded business sense. CW Technology's mantra of "happy, friendly, helpful" mantra is noteworthy for a reason: it doesn’t only refer client success, but employee success as well. Mitch Odell is one such example of living and progressing this company mantra to all areas of his role. Within 14 years, Mitch’s ambitious drive, relentless care in achieving the right results, and a supportive-team environment has resulted in his incredible internal advancement to a number of technical and management positions.


“Mitch has excelled through his roles as front-line helpdesk, field technician, project technician, Team Lead, and finally now as Manager of Client Support, consistently demonstrating our CW core values every day. He cares deeply for his clients and co-workers, frequently going above and beyond to ensure they are setup for success.  His passion to make the team and our clients better each day is driven by his initiative to take action right away and solve problems quickly, without delay,” says Jeremy Caine, Chief Technology Officer of CW Technology. “In his role as Manager of Client Support, Mitch is key to bringing CW Technology further on our journey in improving and redefining what "world class support" really means!”


As Manager of Client Support, Mitch oversees much of CW's helpdesk operations, the department where he started. While he has since shed his oversized suit, creating success continues to be Mitch's primary focus - not only with CW's client base, but also with CW Technology’s internal support teams. “Having worked with Mitch for over nine years, I continuously look forward to partnering with him to tackle new opportunities which create success for our clients and our staff. He consistently demonstrates a solid work-ethic at CW Technology, softened with genuine care for all. Mitch is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and capable of adding value to any discussion. He is an inspiring team player!” expresses Joey Glisczinski, Manager of Client Strategy/Executive Advisor at CW Technology.


The Answer is Easy


"You know, I certainly would not be where I am in life without the support of my employer. They took risks when I normally would not. They saw potential when I lacked confidence. They pushed me when I didn't think I had any more in the tank,” asserts Mitch. “One of my favorite parts of my job is ‘selling’ CW – a business that truly invests and rewards its employees – to a candidate; because I am a perfect example of this, I can easily share my own experiences.” 


Outside of CW Technology, Mitch spends time with his wife and two sons (ages two and five). “They grow up so damn quick,” as he watches his son's first t-ball game.  When “dad time” fits into this schedule, Mitch enjoys whiskey, cigars, horror movies, and restoring vintage axes. Mitch heartwarmingly adds, “Many ask how someone can stay with a company for 14 years, especially when they haven't experienced anything else. The answer is easy: when you truly do believe you are working for the best, why even waste the energy fantasizing of something different.”

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