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This Employee Spotlight article features Seth - one CW's Team Leads. Learn about Seth and hear his story!

Like many of us at CW Technology, Seth didn’t have much of a technical background when he joined the company. His only tangible exposure to technology was IT/AV troubleshooting work at his church; growing up, he was also the only sibling in his family that was able to fix the TV, VCR, DVD Player, Sound System, and PlayStation as needed. Despite little experience in this particular field, what Seth did, (and continues to) bring to the table was a passionate energy, exceptional customer service skills, professional business sense, and a deep care to helping others.

Reputably known as the ‘bow-time guy, he cashiered at the East End Superior SuperOne grocery store throughout his high school years, growing his exceptional customer service skills; he even was once a tour guide on the William A. Irvin. A long-time Twin Ports native, Seth graduated from UW-Superior with a degree in Communications and Music. Following graduation, Seth worked in the business office at DECC, which helped him develop his professional business sense. And just five and a half years ago, Seth joined CW Technology’s Help Desk.

Breaking New Grounds

Moving from his first role onto to RRAR, following by a position in Recruiting, Seth is now one of CW’s Team Leads for Team C. Throughout his years at CW, building his technical skills has become one of his top priorities: today, Seth is A+ Certified, Network + Certified, and has successfully been certified in Bear Identification. “Seth came to CW with little to no-technical experience, outside of troubleshooting AV equipment, but promised a drive to learn and grow. His tenacity and passion have allowed him to overcome his initial technical limitations and has performed at a high level since. Seth’s experience proves that with the right people, technical skills can be taught, excelled, and leveraged to create success for all involved,” says Mitch Odell, Manager of Client Support at CW Technology.

A Golden Retriever in IT

One of Seth’s favorite aspects of his role is being apart of a supportive team, an inclusive working environment that CW Technology has successfully cultivated. Many fellow team members have recognized Seth’s enthusiastic personality, compared to that of a golden retriever at times; he certainly enjoys making people laugh.

Outside of CW Technology, Seth has a love for music and film. He became a Christian in 2015 and enjoys spending time with his Church, riding motorcycles, collecting vinyl records, and mountain biking/off-roading. Seth is passionate about creating success for clients and his team, aiming to create an environment that balances working hard and efficiently, while remaining fun and enjoyable.

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