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This Employee Spotlight article features Sharon - one of CW's Senior Infrastructure Administrator. Learn about Sharon and hear her story!

When Sharon joined CW Technology in 2007, things were a little bit different than they are now… Like many of us in this industry, IT wasn’t where her story at the company started. Having completed a degree in nursing, Sharon discovered that, while helping people was her passion, nursing wasn’t the direction she wanted to continue in. “I had worked in various office settings prior to coming to CW and was always the person that people seemed to turn to for computer help. I realized then that I could focus on the IT side of things and still make a difference,” remembers Sharon. With her new goal in mind, Sharon began focusing on finding a job that would allow her to gain experience in IT.

At the time, CW Technology was already an established and thriving IT business, looking to expand on its success with an eye towards what, at the time, was considered a new and innovative technology support structure. So, what drew Sharon to CW? In addition to her passion, she already had professional customer service and office experience, alongside personal experience in helping her friend, family, and co-workers with computer issues. Pairing this with CW actively hiring for “happy, friendly, helpful people,” and there you go: the perfect fit! And so, over 14 years ago, Sharon joined CW Technology in the newly developed Managed Services Team – created to support business customers in a different way than they traditionally had been assisted.

Groundbreaking Growth

Over the intervening years, as the company expanded and advanced, so did Sharon. She worked to learn and improve her technology skills, broaden her knowledge, and grow – individually and professionally. One of the most incredible parts of Sharon’s journey is the multiple roles she has held and helped evolve into successful, permanent positions at the company. She became CW Technology’s first Helpdesk Lead and helped grow the role to the point where it is now currently held by three, technical Team Leads. A relocation to Texas introduced her to a new, remote role as an Escalations Engineer. Finally, upon her return to Minnesota, Sharon accepted her current position as Senior Infrastructure Administrator; yet again, this was another, new role within CW that she helped develop. Today, it’s a position that is centered on internal infrastructure support, and both internal and client automation development!

One of the many things that Sharon enjoys about working at CW Technology is how innovation and growth are continuously encouraged. As Senior Infrastructure Administrator, she not only focuses on what is working well, but likewise what can be improved for both clients and the company itself.

Talk about right people, right seats, right fit – one of CW’ objectives with which Sharon deeply identifies with. Her current position allows her to focus on what is working well, but also what can be done better and more efficiently for both clients and CW itself. Never been one satisfied with the status quo, Sharon enjoys pushing the boundaries of her knowledge by exploring new developments within technology – both personally and professionally. “Sharon is a key pillar in keeping our infrastructure running smoothly and securely every day for our teams to provide the world class support we are known for. She strives to create success for both co-workers and clients by evaluating our current technology; she is passionate about staying accountable to the details around how our systems tie together, ensuring that everything is constantly being analyzed for security, stability, and usability,” says Jeremy Caine - Partner and Chief Technical Officer of CW Technology.

There’s No “I” in Team

Another aspect of CW Technology which Sharon credits as a key part of her own success is the relationship building: the core to CW’s culture. Working together across different departments and various teams to ensure that clients are supported both reactively and proactively is a principle that Sharon truly embraces.

Manager of Client Support, Mitchell Odell expresses, “I would not be the person I am today had it not been for Sharon Skeen. Over 13 years ago, I was but a young, immature technician with a major confidence problem in my decision making and technical skills, fresh out of college. In my early days, in a much smaller Help Desk (only 3 of us), I would bombard Sharon with ‘Am I doing this right?’ questioning day in and day out. While we did not share a close bond initially, her ‘tough-love’ yet enduring patient approach helped build my confidence, allowing me to exceed in my role. Our 13+ years together have only strengthened our co-worker relationship, based on mutual trust and respect.”

After making a major career shift, Sharon has and continues to excel in IT, and enjoying the daily opportunities CW Technology presents to her. Moreover, she relishes being a part of a team that shares her drive to positively move forward technology for all clients: “There is not a day that goes by where I’m not challenged to explore a new aspect of technology, and I welcome this, knowing that there is no limit to how much more I can discover.” 

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