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This Employee Spotlight features William - one of CW's Field Escalations Technicians. Learn about William and hear his story!

Coming from a heavy customer service, managerial background, somehow, technology-related opportunities always seemed to cross William’s path. Working through non-IT careers, but always ending up the “IT guy” slowly began to grow on him, evolving from a hobby into a passion. And just like that, a shift in his career path led William straight to CW Technology.

“A True Gentleman of Humbleness”

Joining the CW team two and a half years ago as a RAAR Technician, William saw the incredible potential for his personal and professional growth in the IT sector. Today, he is one of CW’s avid Field Escalations Technicians, helping shape this role to better improve not only his strengths, but those of his fellow team members. “Working for CW Technology has been and continues to be a breath of fresh air. They give you the right tools to succeed, as well as freedom to shape and grow your role,” says William. In addition to his incredible skill set, witty personality, and hilarious sense of humor, William continuously displays a strong willingness to learn and a remarkable sense of perception – his ability to discern situations in team environments, as well as the ripple effects of problems that arise.

Being an advocate for greater engagement within our incredible organization, William is also an enthusiastic team member of the Employee Engagement Committee. When asked more on why he joined, he explained how it was more than just for fun. “I have a passion for helping create events, showcasing new things, and getting numerous co-workers that I respect more involved in shaping a company I respect,” he expressed. “Being a part of this committee helps me fulfill this passion.”

Evidently, William is not only the right person in the right seat, but he is an ideal leader when it comes to representing CW Technology’s three core values: care, passion, and initiative. “William Taft epitomizes what CW wants in an employee. Even as his manager, I found myself wondering how I can achieve his level of awareness to think beyond in the situations he experiences. While he won’t admit it, one of the items we treasure about William is his care for his team’s success; serving as one cohesive unit. Anytime he is provided accolades (which happens often amongst his peers), he always finds someone to redirect his kudos to – a true gentlemen of humbleness. While Mr. Taft has only been employed with us for 2 and a half years, he already has positioned himself as a seasoned technician that clients and co-workers can rely on and fully trust. He has a bright future at CW ahead of him which will undoubtedly help lead his co-workers, company, and clients to success. Every company would benefit from a few more Williams on their team,” exclaims Mitch Odell, Manager of Client Support.

Mr. Incredible

One of William’s favorite parts about working for CW Technology is the culture – one that surpasses all expectations. This culture is visibly present in his peers, or as he refers to them, his friends. With these two aspects consistent in his day-to-day work, it makes for quite the enjoyable working environment. As a passionate and reliable team member, William is continuously motivated to create company success, even in challenging times. For example, having worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, William sought to set precedents for how to collaborate, communicate, and succeed. “Working for an MSP opens the door to so many intricate opportunities that it just never ceases to put an end to all the excitement!” he says.

An exciting individual not just at CW Technology, but outside of work, William’s interests are practically never-ending! He enjoys photography, playing disc golf, participating in competitive gaming – including his personal favorite game of Dungeons & Dragons, practicing 3D printing, and spoiling his two cats.

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