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CW Employee Engagement Committee
January 21, 2021
Employee Engagement Committee starts off the year right!

The Employee Engagement Committee successfully hosted its first virtual event of the year: virtual Beverage Bingo!

Over 20 CW employees hopped online to play, laugh, and beat each other at the classic game of Bingo.

Shoutout to our EEC for a great way to kickstart the year and creative way in spreading employee engagement!

CW Technology Acquistion
January 1, 2021
CW Technology successfully acquires Computer Enterprises.

We are delighted to announce that as of January 1, 2021, a local MSP - Computer Enterprises - has joined CW Technology!

This acquisition strengthens and expands our ability to offer solutions to the North/Northwest markets in Minnesota.

We look forward to serving this new community and are excited for what it will bring!

CW Employee Engagement Committee
November 13, 2020
Introducing our CW Technology Employee Engagement Committee!

Our unique and inclusive CW company culture stems from our amazing employees, and as part of our company vision, we've assembled our new Employee Engagement Committee! 

From virtual events to employee functions, the EEC creates a workplace that fosters valued and engaged CW employees!

We can't wait to see what new and exciting events the EEC will bring to CW Technology!

MSP 501 - 2020 Winner
August 6, 2020
CW Technology receives its MSP #501 Recognition.

CW Technology was recognized in the first and largest ranking of managed services providers in the world - truly a one-of-a-kind recognition!

We were ranked 153 out of the total 501 - placing us in the top 30% in the world! 

Such an achievement encourages us to strive to greater goals and gives confidence in our proven processes!



As of January 2021, CW Technology has not made any changes to its current COVID-19 policies.

We are currently open and operating in accordance with Minnesota's safety guidelines.

Please direct any questions to your client communications specialist, or call us at 855. 728. 7130.