Simplifying the Complex.

At CW Technology, we take proactive and preventive measures in delivering optimal technology solutions that make sense for your business. 

From greater efficiency and productivity, to stronger client relationships along with more time and resources, within a month you will experience the results that positively impact your business and generate the outcome you want.

CW Technology

Support Process

How we take you in the right direction, demonstrating what to expect and how far you'll go when you become a CW client.

Strategy & Planning


We begin with a conversation - not a sales pitch - to determine what services are the best fit for your business IT needs.

Application & Results


We apply the optimal services to drive your business's success, with all our experts available to help you along the way.

Assessment & Revision


Determining ways to better results, gain greater value, and continue empowering your business's growth.


Plan for Your IT Success

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CW On-Boarding

On-Boarding Begins

We assemble your On-Boarding and Client Strategy teams, and begin walking you through our on-boarding process.

From our initial network tool analysis and tool deployment, to our end-user training and Go-Live, we set clear expectations and milestones to ensure a smooth transition to CW Care.

CW Care Orientation

CW Care Orientation

Your CW Care Orientation meeting will introduce you to your Strategic Advisor and On-Boarding Specialist.

These experts will map out your entire on-boarding process, the action items, and the timeline leading to Go-Live.

CW Proactive Analyst

Proactive Support Analyst

Our Proactive Support Analyst comes onsite to document your network infrastructure, line of business applications, and completes a thorough network analysis.

The devil is in the details, and we want to make certain we have the information we need to fully support your business.

Network Analysis

Network Analysis

While we are completing our network analysis, A LOT is going on in the background!

First, we create your Help Desk Portal site, giving our technicians all the information they need to help your users on day 1. Next, we deploy the tools to your servers and workstations that allow us to proactively monitor and support your network.

Last but not least, we deploy essential security tools to keep your network safe.

CW Training

End-User Training

We have come to the most exciting stage yet: Go-Live meeting and End-User training.

Now that tools have been deployed and documentation has been completed, CW Technology is excited to start making a difference for your business and your staff!

Our official relationship starts here, but it doesn't end here...

CW Ongoing Success

Ongoing Success

Over the first 45 to 60 days, your Client Strategy team will report on and continue to assess the performance of your network.

We now begin the ongoing process of ensuring your technology is helping drive your business's success.


Ongoing Success

Not a cycle? Looks different? Well, it should!

Our CW Technology process is uniquely structured and distinctly designed to connect your IT directly to your business.

We call it the Hourglass.

By pairing technical alignment with business alignment, we provide hands-on technology services with a personalized business strategy and consistent client communication to deliver efficient, customized, accessible MSP and IT solutions for your business needs.

HubSpot Video

"The CW Team provided me peace of mind through constant communication, attentiveness, and willingness to help. All my IT issues are always resolved in a kind, prompt, and professional manner."

“CW staff personally guides me to a level where I feel comfortable and understand the task at hand. They are always conscientious through every step, in finding and resolving my problems. Thank you, CW!”

“CW Technology has been exceptional in helping me get set up to work from home, even with the interruptions from my cats and dogs. It's always a delightful experience working with CW Technology.”