Voice Communications

What is Voice Communications?

Voice Communications.

Efficient, integrative phone systems, and in this day and age, they are not complicated...

With voice communication solutions from CW Technology, you'll receive an advantage on competing in the marketplace with a most cost-effective solution designed specifically for your business interactions.

Through our process, we help improve your image, control your costs, and allow you to stay connected everywhere and with everyone through our VoIP systems: Connect.

Unified communications for a better business...

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Online system easily updates and expands to accommodate new locations, users, and applications.

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All users are connected, integrated, and managed as a single, integrated IP voice communications network.

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Standards-based software and hardware, simple installation, and unified messaging.

What Comes with Voice Communications?

MiVoice Connect - Onsite.

With MiVoice Connect Onsite, your company owns, maintains, and controls your business communications network.

Call control is distributed across your network via the MiVoice Connect voice switches - scalable, solid-state appliances that install with plug and play ease; these switches are also available virtually for secure deployment in your data center.

This system is designed to provide reliability and management - no matter how many locations you have, anywhere in the world.

MiVoice Connect communications includes...

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Unified Communications

End-to-End solution including phones, network, UC software, and customer services.

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Data Management

Outstanding management interface.

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Business Continuity

Secure data backup and recovery planning in the event of a disaster.

What Comes with Voice Communications?

MiCloud Connect - Cloud.

MiCloud Connect is a fully hosted and managed unified communications service- the only vertically integrated, end-to-end Cloud business solution, from phones and PBX capabilities to implementation and support.

MiCloud Connect is a premium managed phone solution with direct user access to customer service with a simple press of the "?" key on your desk phone.

Easy to install and easy to use, MiCloud Connect gives users complete control over call handling priorities such as call routing and conditional call management; it also removes IT administrative responsibilities such as call plans, system maintenance, and software upgrades.

MiCloud Connect communications includes...

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Unified Communications

End-to-End solution including phones, call plans, network, UC software, and customer services.

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Proactive Security

Full network management, with secure voice and data.

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Easy, accurate provisioning via the Connect Portal.

What Comes with Voice Communications?

Connect - Hybrid.

Connect Hybrid combines the immediacy and convenience of managed services subscriptions delivered via the Cloud with the control of an on-premises system.

The result? A flexible and strategic approach to a unified communications system.

Each Connect Hybrid deployment model offers particular benefits that all rely on Connect's single platform to ensure operational consistency in every situation.

Connect Hybrid communications includes...

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Add new sites and applications to your onsite platform via a Cloud solution.

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Affordable, cost-effective technology that pays for itself.

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Less Downtime

All services are consistently up-to-date.

How Technology & Your Business Go Hand-in-Hand

CW Care.

Delivering optimal IT solutions customized to your business needs is just one side to the CW process... Your IT infrastructure must align across all areas of your business, and this is where we come in.

By providing on-hand business support through extensive communication and planning, CW Technology places the value in customer value.

Business Process & Strategy

Introducing the Strategic Partner.

We provide you with a business professional, specializing in strategic planning and business decision making.

This includes budgeting, outlining your future technology plans, and developing critical items, such as disaster recovery planning.

Proactive Alignment Process

Inclusive IT alignment.

We actively address how your internal IT infrastructure stacks up against over 350+ network standards.

This includes assuring high-level network functionality, decreasing down-end user issues, and 24/7 monitoring of your network.

Technical & Process Management

Predictable, secure, customized.

Our solutions are developed to improve your business productivity, with multiple levels of protection.

We work with you to deliver services that are distinctly designed to fit your business needs, such as enhanced efficiency and communication.

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