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This Employee Spotlight features Robert- one of CW's Escalations Technicians. Learn about Robert and hear his story!

Stumbling into a helpdesk position at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) propelled what would become a lifelong career in IT for Robert. Throughout his childhood, Robert was always going through and taking apart different electronics, so much so that his parents even hid the screwdrivers! What he never expected was how the world of Information Technology would become where he would thrive the most. Following his time at DMACC, Robert moved from Iowa to a snowier and colder Superior and began his new role as a field technician. Working for a local company, he fixed point of sale systems – including Holiday gas stations and Caribou Coffee spots, but the long hours of driving with little tech work began to wear on him… Fortunately, Robert discovered CW Technology and soon thereafter, joined the team in a Help Desk position, with 7 more years to come!

A Certified Success

Starting off in the RRAR (Help Desk) helped Robert hone and develop his technical skills, including acquire three different certifications: A+, Network+, and Security+. From there, he was able to move into his current role as an Escalations Technician. Within Escalations, Robert looked to become more internally involved at CW, leading him to take interest in the Shoretel/Mitel systems. As he became certified in administration of said products, Robert was not only able to better support CW’s clients, but likewise his co-workers, helping expand knowledge of utilizing these systems. Robert’s incredible dedication, passion, and hard work has been continuously paying off, leaving a positive impact at CW Technology – both internally and externally. “Robert has been a major player in the continued success of the Help Desk in his 6+ years with CW Technology. Always willing to offer direct, authenticate, advise, and assist, he has a passion for making things work correctly and efficiently. While at CW, Robert has immensely grown his technical skillset, including being specialized in various systems, resulting in him being a go-to VOIP resource for all teams. Robert’s drive to help others and to do right by the customer has created great success for himself, his team, and all of CW Technology,” expresses Seth, Team Lead. Starting at the beginning of the year, Robert will be moving on over to the NOC team as a NOC Analyst L2. Throughout this new role, he hopes to work closely with the rest of the team to build up and better define this newer section of the company.

IT’s All About the People

Whenever asked a question, Robert will always stop what he is doing to try lending a hand and help mentor others, knowing he would not be where he is today without the people that were there to mentor him. Robert views his co-workers as brilliant technical and non-technical professionals accomplishing amazing work, always there to help one another and support our clients succeed: this is a big part of CW Technology that Robert has always admired. Outside of work, Robert enjoys hiking, photography, and playing Disc Golf with his fellow co-workers, which has helped build the culture and camaraderie throughout the office! “I really feel like the key to any successful company is not only the fantastic work that needs to be done, but the people as they are the lifeblood of the company. This is an area that I have always believed that CW Technology has and continues to excel at!” exclaims Robert. Having started in the IT career young in life straight out of high school, Robert has been able to make fantastic strides in the field and cannot wait to see what else is in store for him in the years to come!

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