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This Employee Spotlight features Dana - CW's Team Lead of Client Communications and Solutions. Learn all about Dana and hear her story!

While she has always had some interest in technology – considered the “tech guru,” in her household – Dana never anticipated she would be working in this field one day. Following her graduation from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, Dana faced trouble in applying her degree in Elementary Education, due to the scarcity of teaching jobs in Duluth. Fortunately, she had her sales and management background to fall back on. Little did she know, this is what would bring her to CW Technology!

A Match Made in Heaven

For the next 22 years, Dana grew her career in sales and management; in fact, in proved to be an idea career choice at the time, given her desire to start a family. Thanks to this role, she worked closely with many local companies, building strong relationships with her customers over the years. Amazingly enough, some of those customers happened to be clients of CW Technology as well! This is where Dana’s career took a pivotal point in an exciting, new direction.

CW’s incredible business model and wonderful Client Strategy team paired with Dana’s extensive customer service background was a match made in heaven. And so, just shy of 3 years ago, Dana joined CW Technology as a Client Communications Specialist. One of the best parts of joining the CW team was Dana’s ability to continue working with her clients from her previous role – the very same ones who were clients of CW!

Good news seemed to follow Dana every time! In September of 2021, Dana was promoted to Client Communications Specialist Level II. And believe it or not, even more recently, she was promoted to Team Lead of Client Communications and Solutions on CW’s Client Strategy Team. “Dana is a true blessing to have in the CW family. Her genuine care of clients and team members is undeniable,” says Joey Glisczinski, Manager of Client Strategy. “Dana is passionate about creating success for our clients and is always the first to ask how she can help. Our Client Strategy Team is stronger because of Dana’s positive influence!”

A CW Role Model

It is through her passion and commitment that Dana has gone above and beyond to elevate the Client Communications Strategy role. She is dedicated to ensuring CW’s written processes are simple, accurate, and most importantly, consistent amongst the entire team. Moreover, Dana plays a vital role in the training of new and current employees on the Client Strategy Team. “Dana is a true team player who never shies away from a challenge. She is always taking the initiative to get things done right – by both her teammates and clients alike,” said Andrea Henry, Manager of Proactive Operations.

When asked why she enjoys working at CW Technology, Dana emphasized how, “It’s a wonderfully supportive company – not only of its employees, but likewise its clients.” She expressed her appreciation for the tight knit, almost family-like culture of CW, which makes working here an all-round positive experience. “Each day brings something new and exciting, allowing me to put my skills set to use in a creative and problem-solving way!” Dana exclaims.

Outside of her inspiring work at CW Technology, Dana lives in Duluth with her husband, 2 teenage daughters, and one teenage fur son.

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