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This Employee Spotlight article features Nicole - one of CW's administrators. Learn about Nicole and hear her story!

Having graduated with a degree in Accounting from University of Minnesota – Duluth, Nicole began her career search. Her college job working for Spring introduced her to the field of customer service – one she grew to love and knew was the right fit for her. At the time, CW Technology was offering a part-time position assisting the administration team. Jumping onto this opportunity, little did Nicole know that this was the start of her professional career. Within just a year, CW Technology recognized Nicole’s skillset, knowledge, and passion to help others, and knew she had a permanent place at the company. Thirteen years later, she continues to grow professionally and personally at CW Technology.

Above and Beyond

Today, Nicole continues to grow professionally and individually at CW. Throughout the last 13 years, she has built CW Technology’s billing and administrative team, earning the nickname of “swiss army knife” of the team. From inventory and purchasing management, vendor relationships and warranty procurement, to service and labor billing, Nicole does it all. Having created a position that encompasses her past experience and industry acumen, along with her customer service skills, Nicole works closely with the accounting team to assist with benefit administration and payroll processing. She is also a brilliant billing specialist and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service as one of CW Technology’s billing point-of-contacts. “I am truly honored to call Nicole my team-mate and friend. Over the past 13 years, she has grown her position immensely and welcomes new challenges with great enthusiasm. Her great work ethic and constant attitude of ‘how can I help’ is very inspiring. She sets a great example for all of us,” says Lisa Clemen, Accounting.

One of the aspects of her role that Nicole enjoys most is the everyday challenges and variety of responsibilities that she is a part of. Nicole views both CW Technology employees and clients as her internal and external customers. CFO Sandy Bergerson expresses, “Nicole is driven to get things accomplished; when roadblocks arise, she looks for alternatives and takes action. Nicole is genuinely kind and friendly to both clients and team members. I appreciate how she is willing to help others succeed in their roles and makes CW an enjoyable place to work each day. Nicole’s positive attitude and “we will just figure it out” mentality creates a calm and productive work environment. As a multi-tasker and jack of many trades she continues to be a resource to both clients and employees and truly is a person we are lucky to have at CW.”

There’s No Place like CW

With a supportive team and incredible mentors, Nicole continues to excel at CW Technology. “I’ve had the pleasure to work for an employer who has cared about my professional growth and has taken the time to help guide me and give me confidence to continue growth within the company,” expresses Nicole. “It’s an easy choice to be happy at CW Technology because I can truly feel like an important part of a team and I feel like the work I do every day has a positive impact on the company success!”

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